9 Business Lessons Learned While Working In a Restaurant Part-Time and Being a Founder.

It was a decent and honest job that I end up loving it. These are my personal experience, not an expert. I’m just a constant learner and a curious person. I’m a creative spiritual human that loves to inspire and help others. ❤

I’m so grateful for what I’ve been learning, experiencing, and struggling with this week. Getting ready to release something pretty special from the heart and soul as a mama writer and creative being in December. Can’t wait for you all to read it! But first, podcast @your_storymatters_ release of first few episodes beginning of November! :) along with the new launch of other things I’ve been working on and getting other peeps to participate.

This 2020 has to be a very tiring, challenging, and painful year but one, that we were determined to embrace the suck, stay awake, less anxious, and find the good through it all. For now, let’s talk about this new book I’m highly recommending right now. It’s called “The Calling” by Rha goddess ❤ yep! She really is a goddess. (I’m halfway and oh so good!)

The words business and money, for some odd reason, have some people scare and uncertain than ever before. Well, even more so for those really going through this pandemic and wondering if they will make it this time. These are really hard times folks, please be kind, wear your mask and keep your distance. But also be mindful of what you consume and watch all the time.

Nowadays, I set timers to get off work and put my phone away!. Have mini rewards ready when the to-do list it’s halfway done. Plus self-care time scheduled when the to-do-list gets done. I’ve been having anxiety, and some low days, yes. Not perfect here. But also, I’ve learned so much through failing, still learning and growing. Our goals around here are changing because so am I. Things are much more meaningful and clear than I ever thought would ever become during this pandemic.

Either way, I’ll be giving more details soon. Sign up for our newsletters! This is a conscious, spiritual, creative awakening experiment and you all are invited to join in the adventure. ❤

While I was working in a restaurant before the world went into quarantine, I learned 9 things that I would’ve never learned if I didn’t work from within (I worked there for about 3 months, then covid-19 caused it to close).

The restaurant and food business is very demanding. It also has a rewarding aspect to it. I’m glad that I was able to experience it at least for a little while. The work, the people, and the surroundings helped me to heal heavy and emotional situations that I was dealing with prior to starting this new job. Surprisingly, it was an enjoyable job that was helping me pay the bills, while I was figuring out my self-healing, single-mom life, and how to successfully build my startup business with my team.

The restaurant it’s called the Green Panthere. I really miss their veggie burgers and their delicious shawarma made of Jackfruit!

It was in the four walls of the restaurant where I came to rediscover my love of working in the service industry; making food and making people laugh felt good. As an empath, I feel a lot. So the distraction to work with my hands and being of service was a different experience. I loved creating vegetarian and vegan meals, as well as delicious and healthy smoothies. As you already know, I love to create; whether it be art, photography, and content creation.

Specifically, I love to write books (publishing one in December!), blogs, write for others, and of course write here! I also adore researching science and reading like an MTF because it’s just fun to learn, educate, create and inspire others :). If this sounds appealing to you, reach out to me. I would love to hear your story and see if we can collaborate and help each other.

Do you ever love something so much that you wish that by just doing that all your problems will disappear? That all the BS of life, won’t bother you or affect you anymore? Yep, that’s the goal: being happy, raising smart and kind daughters, reducing my ecological footprint, embracing my inner talents, and helping others. How about you? What’s your goal in this life? What changed for you during these times?

I found out that I don’t have to hide anymore that I also love to paint, write poems and songs… :) That is okay to self-publish and be a multi-purpose creative and spiritual person. These are blessings that came out of heartache, dealing with discrimination, racism in my city, pain, and grief as my mother degrades from this horrible and silent death “Alzheimer's dementia”.

I’m failing a lot, but learning a lot too. I’m crying more, aka releasing. Listing to understand, feeling more, learning to be patient, to rest, letting go more, and just adapting to a fast changing world right now. At the same time, I’m building a habit of being okay with feeling uncomfortable. Go the extra mile, and see what happens.

Do what’s right and collaborate with others, with our talents to inspire to fight for more equitable, just, and sustainable systems. For climate and social justice. Leaving space for my feelings to be honored and valid, in order to keep doing this work and inner work (which by the way it’s the F hardest thing to do), self-awareness, and personal development are not easy. However, is the best thing you could do for your soul and spirit.

Some writers on Medium and amazing best selling authors can attest to this statement. Other people who own different streams of income online can also give a little insight into this too. It all comes down to two things — which I will discuss in the section below. They are simple to plan but difficult to execute.

Self-Discipline + consistency = Habits for Everything in life.

I decided to share 9 things I’ve learned working in a restaurant, another job, and building my startup at the same time. Oh! and also dealing with single mom life and taking care of my dying mother on the weekends (still do).

Just want to remind you all, we put limitations on our minds that just because something is hard to do or is painful. That automatically is not worth it or we listen to others telling us “there is no point in doing it” because is not “possible”. Yeah, another thing I learn to do for real, is to let go of Limiting beliefs. Seriously, it sucks the joy out of life. In my experience, it was conditioned and enforce by not being in the right environment or surrounding myself with the right crowd. We all learn this the hard way but is necessary for growth.

Before we get into it all, I need to remind you that It is a privilege to be able to survive, earn an income and be healthy during these times. It is what you do with your personal privilege (we all have it in some shape or form) that really matters now and later in the future. More importantly, we are all going through the second wave of this pandemic and living in countries where the government leaders have no clue what they’re doing which is killing a lot of people right now.

Especially, if the leaders are not changing policies and systems that were there before that was deadly for BIPOC, LGBTQ, Trans women, Non-binary, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Brown, Asian, African, Haitians, Hispanic, Latinx, Arab, and people with disabilities. This year, I have got to experience the reality of a system that does not benefit Single parents and if they are POC is worse.

Here we are, still advocating, working, trying to heal, not feel guilty about taking breaks and fighting for human rights. As artists, we will do anything to use creativity through adversity. Why? Because it matters. Musicians, writers, coaches, speakers, artists, entertainers, and those who are empaths (such as myself) are creators by nature. We are constantly seeking light and truth through our arts. To help others from our inner-creative to feel, to heal, to believe, be inspired, and to hope for a better future.

Either way, some days I really wish I could record or take pictures when I take the metro (subway) at night. However, I’ll tell you in words. Every few nights, before I found my apartment, I would take the metro. On the ride, I would notice that the people who were looking super exhausted, tired and defeated were mostly black women and men. You can tell that they are probably working two jobs or three and that 11 pm is their time to be with their families, and god knows what time they go to bed. Then, they wake up and go through the routine all over again. I feel for their children that wish to have more time with their parents, but can’t because their parents have to work to keep a roof over their head, and to have food to eat every day.

Then I notice white people. You see the hipsters alluding to feelings of peacefulness. Then, “Karen” wearing stilettos shoes on a Tuesday night in the middle of a world pandemic. Dear white people: This is something I see, and if you pay attention, listen to your friend's POC stories and experiences without cantering back to your own white privileged experiences. You too will notice. It’s all around us. Inequality, racism, sexism, misogyny, and white supremacy. These need to be eradicated.

Do you want to go back to normal? Start by the normalization of dismantling racism. Yes, your skin color right now, if you stand up for BIPOC or any POC then we all have a chance to eradicate the 500 years old system. Start by helping black-owned and communities right now. Start by helping and protecting black and any color women. Patriarchy and capitalism are toxic, we all need to embrace feminism, masculinity, and those who are born with disabilities. Let women lead for a change. Start by educating better white supremacists, the media, radio, and online media about integrating more diversity and teach that being a racist and white supremacy crap will not be accepted or tolerated anymore.

Let’s build a system that empowers people to protect, help heal the earth and each other. Create ways for equal opportunities for all of us and not just some of us.

Organic living and how to survive during a pandemic and for later future ones. Mental health should be free, better education example: climate change classes and sustainability lifestyle. No more homelessness. That’s why police funds, TAXING THE RICH and (Quebec province) half of those high taxes we pay in this city alone need to be re-invested in the most vulnerable communities and for the people who are most affected by this pandemic.

These can be done, it just change is never easy and resistance is the by-product of lack and scarcity mindset. These two are needed in order for capitalism, racism, and white supremacy to continue to survive. If we all start changing our ways of thinking and acting towards each other. Just imagine.

Remember, kindness, compassion, spirituality, and personal development are free. You just have to rewire your mindset by being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Trust me, is work but is the best thing you’ll ever do. Try it, and go at your own pace. Rushing this process is not ideal, let go of the competition (capitalism thrives on this and causes a lot of mental health issues) and start collaborating with others. Everyone is different. Each of us possesses the ability to change, adapt and build resilience through tough times.

Here are 9 lessons that you can start working on because they not only applied to business or work. It applies to everyday life.

1. Instead of being a founder or define yourself as an “entrepreneur”, serve Ice cream or Vegetarian Food.

Photo by Telliffier Morris

Seriously, the ego and the constant need for validation are draining and it causes a lot of depression plus burnout. Entrepreneur life and success is not this magical luxury place. It’s messy, draining, and tiring af.

However, that’s why we choose what we love to do, so our job becomes like play and each hour is a milestone or block reached to our dreams. More importantly, we do it because we love to help others while sustaining ourselves, save money and give back what we no longer need. Then, repeat. So those high mighty rich stay humble, so you have a few people left that still love you and they might show up to your funeral. Death is unavoidable so you might as well enjoy it while you still can. You are here for a purpose, and it is not to spend your days hating, being an ass to others, and/or hoarding money. Remember, we are here to serve for a purpose, anything that takes you away from that source. Is a waste.

2. Resilience and abundance are your birthrights.

Photo by Greg Rakozy

Yep, especially those BIPOC who have been oppressed, marginalized, and completely disregarded your existence by designing an unjust economy, policies, education, and government systems. Your love, your melanin skin, and your lineage of excellence, creativity, innovation, joy, healing, and life wisdom are key in this revolution. Stay in your power. Ask the universe and your ancestors, but then do the work. Don’t expect them to do it for you. That’s not how the law of attraction works. Learn to communicate your intentions and keep your abundance plus vibrations high.

3. Consistency will set you free.

Photo by XPS

“Consistent actions creates consistent results”.

Christine Kane

This is the hardest for most of us, but don’t give up. Once you start, let go of limiting beliefs, negativity in your mind and your surroundings. Go get it!

4. Quality versus quantity.

Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin

Always and forever baby ❤ Keep this in mind whenever you get caught up in the rat race and feel the pressure of everyone is posting and not me!? C’mon, these platforms are designed to consume OUR time. And time is the one thing not refundable, irreversible, and absolutely can’t get it back. Spend your time wisely. (This still learning to adjust because is even harder now being in semi-lockdown to not get addicted even though is my job and my teams, but all consumptions have a limit. Find yours because social media for real can destroy yours if you let it. )

5. Sustainability it’s possible in all restaurant and food industry settings. Everyday life really.

Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis

The restaurant I was working with had a beautiful business model that was all for less waste, sustainability, clean, equitable, and inclusive green restaurant practices. It is possible, and we have to keep supporting and encouraging those who are changing their businesses and embracing a new equitable, renewable, and inclusive work environment.

6. Creativity is energy and it needs to flow.

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com

Resist and it kills joy. Embrace your inner child while also dealing with life and money will flow. Remember that team building, management, and operation hold big roles. These departments can thrive in the creativity phase along with the digital marketing strategies of any business or organization. This is the space where the magic happens and usually is where I love to be of service ;)

7. Manage your time better to work and your energy.

Photo by Brando Makes Branding

At the same time, who you share your energy with is important. This one I’m still in the learning process. But take breaks and do things that you love and makes you happy. This took a while to embrace but I’ve realized that in order to continue being a happy and mindful mama to my girls. Breaks and self-love are necessary daily.

8. Give your all into any job.

Photo by Ian Schneider

Because it builds your habits for your main and fun job you want or are working for in the future.

9. Confidence is born from failure.

Photo by Mathias Jensen

Try, learn and fail as many times as possible. These will set you free too.

Then we come back to the reason I highly recommended. Embrace the suck because you might be better than most and if you are not, don’t give up because better days are coming. And that’s reason enough to be grateful.

Now we are well into 2020 — you still haven’t taken action about something you’re excited or even passionate about.

Here’s the thing: you’ll never ‘have the time’ unless you make it.

And now is the perfect time to create the space and take action — so that when business as usual resumes, you will have a plan of action and have the tools to take action.

Let me remind you something. I know this might be tough to hear, but there is never a perfect time to take action on your dreams or any projects that you left behind because you didn’t have “time” during these times.

There will always be projects and tasks and meetings and other things that life throws at you. Even when business as usual is paused — as it is now for most — there are still things to do. Find what sparks joy and happiness. Find something, anything — That makes you happy that you can do it every day until you get really good at it. That other will start to notice and start asking you for advice or they might need you to do that for them.

Your skill, anything you learn or practice consistently during this period. It Will matter in your future. So choose wisely. Take a rest if you need to but, remember, the whole world has stopped working, not only so we can stay home and save someone’s life. But, so we got a second chance to recreate, let our planet take a break from our constant BS and toxic practices that by now, we all know needs to change and find other ways to live this precious life.

Don’t waste it. Is one life and it is yours for a short period of time.

Help others as much as you can. Self-love is self-discipline and if you can master that, you can do anything.

Hope this helps and remember to be kind to your planet, to you, and to others.

Thank you for your support!

Love and Light,


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