Black History Month: Creativity Through Adversity and Support Black Women.

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7 min readFeb 7, 2021

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Let’s be clear about something, Black History Month should be celebrated all year round not just once a month.

It has been a week of intense healing around here. To start, the launch of the new website and store is approaching, getting family and financial matters in order.

Meaning, this happened and I was dealing with healing from injustices, that I didn’t even know I was in until it was explained by a human angel.

As well, I’ve been working on listening to my guides and delivering messages to you ❤

While I continue to look for jobs, getting used to the refusal emails, and the usual: “You are not the right fit”, “don’t fit our requirements” “Your background is not the right fit for us”, “not a fit for our company and goals”…

I swear I’m developing this annoyance with the two words “ don’t fit”.

And in interviews: “What’s your background?… Oh, you are a Canadian citizen?” “Single mother huh?…That’s hard. ”

Yep, you know what’s harder. Not be able to get hired and be able to sustain my children during a world pandemic, not getting financial assistance from the government or anywhere because I’m a single mother and freelance writer/Digital Marketer/web designer/Environmental scientist and content creator self-employed.

Oh and also, my business (which is a start-up and soon not anymore ❤) is like a red flag. Which is really ridiculous, we can collaborate and I can work with you and I don’t know, grow together. Everything is Not a competition. However, I’m healing this aspect too.

I’m not where I want to be or my business. But we are working progressively towards where we need to be, so we can continue to help others along this journey too. (we are a work-in-progress, in construction and dismantling old systems and media bs too.) Discrimination of any form, is still a trauma that needs is time to heal. It just BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), do not get that luxury to take time off. We do take it though is our right, along with creating joy plus love in all we do.



Writers Yep

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