Change is Hard But It’s Necessary.

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4 min readMar 12, 2020

Evolving takes courage. And we must use this courage to keep surviving and feeling good about our choices in life.

Photo by Ashim D’Silva

We are adaptable creatures. It’s a skill that we have learned to develop in order to survive many adversities and changes throughout the course of humanity on this planet.

Not many of us like to embrace change. Some of us love to stay in that “comfort zone” as much as we possibly can. Even the words make us feel calm, relaxed, and safe. Thus, changing requires a lot of energy - energy to take action and process mindful thoughts, before we make decisions, start over, or embark on new journeys. I believe that our genetic makeup, emotions, and our ability to cope with difficult situations, has its advantages when it comes to embracing change.

Most of our lives are a series of outcomes that force us to take chances and opportunities whenever they arise. However, sometimes we become so comfortable in our own mindset. If our life is somewhat safe, then why even try to change what we already know to be safe?

These are 7 advantages I’ve (so far) come to realize through creative entrepreneurship, by developing a mindset of embracing change:

  1. Change helps you grow.
  2. Change teaches you flexibility.
  3. Change can unleash your inner…



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